FBS Auto Cup – Porsche Panamera, Mercedes CLS, Range Rover Evoque

FBS Auto Cup

Contest start is on – 22 September 2014. Finish – on 27 February 2015.

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– The promotion prizes are three cars as follows: Porsche Panamera, Mercedes CLS, Range Rover Evoque, which will be presented to three winners.

– In order to get a participant number in FBS Auto Cup, it is necessary to make a deposit starting from 500 USD (single of in several parts) since the date of the contest start and trade at least 3 lots on it during the contest period

– Contest winners will be determined on 27.02.15 in live broadcast by a random choice of the winning participant numbers with the help of an automatic drawing machine.

– Prizes will be delivered to the winners by 31.03.2015. Configuration and color of each prize will be determined by the assortment presented in the winners’ countries of residence.
All expenses for prizes delivery and registration of vehicle ownership are covered by FBS.