How make money From Forex (easy) ? Free All and Free Real money Start ! don’t invest !

How make money From Forex (easy) ? Free All
and Free Real money Start ! don’t invest !

By Wine Ng.

Forex is ?
The word FOREX is derived form Foreign Exchange
and is the largest financial market in the world.
Unlike many markets, the FX market is open 24 hours per day and has an estimated $1.5 Trillion in turnover every day.

Step make money From Forex

1. You can Free Sign up From
2. download and Setup Program (easy setup)
3. in Program have $5 Real money and $10,000 For Practice,
$5 Real money Really Free
Because you can trade by $5 trading minimum $0.01
Make profits and you can withdraw real money . (don’t invest !)

How make Profits From Forex ,

1. Forex News forex news or economic news
you can analyze easy by realtime !
and You can set time in your time zone
good news = green = up , bad news = red = down

2. Forex Technical a lot of technical from internet make profits !!!
in Program you can set indicator

Such as

– SIGNAL For Gbp/Usd ,
Set 5 Exponential Moving Avarage and 8 Exponential Moving Avarage H1 chart , when 2 line crossed .Good Signal !

– SIGNAL For All ,
Set Exponential Moving Avarage 10 , 25 , 50 and Parabolic SAR 0.02 0.2 H1 chart , when 3 line (EMA) crossed .Good Signal !
and Long or Short by Parabolic SAR signal, H1 chart same M15 chart

… and more in
… and you can search a lot of forex technical video from google youtube in

3. You can trade by Signal ! From a lot of Friends in chat room in program trading.

4. Option in Program you can trade Funds, Indexes, Commodities
Funds | Yangtze, Asiasset, Brasillion, Indiamond, Nippon, Columbus
Indexes | Dow Jones , Nasdaq 100 , S&P 500 , DAX , FTSE 100
Commodities | Gold , Silver , Platinum , Palladium

You think Forex Easy ???

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