What Make A Good Trading Market !

What Make A Good Trading Market !!!

Characteristics of Good investment Market
1. Liquidity
2. Market Transparency
3. Low transaction costs

4. Trending Market – Historical price data is used to forecast the direction of future prices, technical analysis work better in liquid markets.

The FOREX market is the perfect market for technical analysis.

The FOREX market is one of the most popular markets for speculation due to its enormous size, liquidity, and the tendency for currencies to move in strong trends.

24-Hour Market – The FOREX market is the ideal market for active traders. It is a 24-hour market that grants instant access to trading for immediate response to global developments.It also gives traders the added fiexibility of determining their trading day.

forex futures
Forex Market
Large Market Liquidity
Decent Market Liquidity
Little Market Liquidity
Very Low Cost – Little to Zero Commissions
Most Cost & Commissions
Mary Costs & High Commissions
24 – Hour Market
9 to 5 Market w/Limited After Hours Trading
9 to 5 w/ Limited After Hours Trading
No Bear Market
Prolonged Bear Markets
Prolonged Bear Marketa
Low Error Rate
High Error Rate
Very High Error Rate
Limited Slippage
More Slippage
Constant Slippage
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